Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photorealistic Sculptures

I have an idea, involving this style of sculpture. I don't know if I have the means to do it, but I'm researching it anyways.
So cool.

I probably will not be making a super realistic sculpture due to limited funds and resources. I'll continue making plaster molds like the one I experimented with this semester. Instead of using plaster to make the mold, I plan on using silicone this time and bypassing the process of chiseling out my final piece. I will then use plaster as my casting material after making the silicone mold. I'm excited to try this out over the summer :) I have so many ideas!

Links: (main site that I am referencing for these sculptures)

Silicone Mold (OOMOO 30 Silicone Rubber Link: (

Moldmaking & Casting Pourable Starter Kit


Legos (to build custom boxes, I plan on making small scale clay models so this should be fine)

Foam Core Board (as support for mold while casting plaster)

Straps (to hold mold together while casting)

Instamold (used during 2 part silicone mold making process to create 2 halves)

Large Plastic containers and stirrers (to mix plaster and silicone molding and instamold)

Mask (to protect me from dangerous fumes!)

Clay (to make the figure- What would be the best modeling clay to use for making a mold? I'm not sure . . . little help here!)

Pottery tools (to form the figure)

Talcum powder (helps remove air bubbles during casting process)

Carving tools and sandpaper (to refine plaster mold if I need to)

Mold releasing agent (so silicone mold halves don't stick to each other . . . we wouldn't want that now would we?) link:

*Instead of plaster- I may wind up using "Aqua Clear" from ArtMolds. I could make a translucent model with this casting materal. They look SO COOL. link:

Link: to buy from Utrect :

It seems pretty involved but I love process, hopefully I can afford everything and it won't be a problem!

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