Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back to the start

With the lack of internet at home, I haven't had an opportunity to update my blog like I normally would. The past month has been spent gradually unpacking my belongings after moving out of the dorm as well as doing a lot of photography. As a result, I haven't been painting or even sketching out idea for my new project. Needless to say, I'm feeling a little guitly about it. Now that things are back in order (sort of), I have time to start thinking about my final art project for my undergraduate education.
I can't believe I'm at this point already. The last 3 years have flown by.

I have ideas of what I want to do for this project, as to what I want to communicate and the kind of emotions I'm going to need to dig up in order to create these last paintings. Last year was a time of soul searching for me, of figuring out who I am as both an artist and a human being, and where I want to go with my goals in life. I'm still in a very transitional period and the stress and expectations have become higher than ever. I wonder if I can do everything I want. Will I make it?

These last paintings will embody those thoughts and feelings. I see them as my way of recording this time in my life, in a way that writing or photographs cannot.

I'll post various sketches and ideas for the paintings soon.

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