Thursday, March 25, 2010

We all live under the same sky

"We all live under the same sky, but we don't see the same light."

Hello. My name is Trina and this is my new blog.

I have a few others . . . search around and you'll find them. One is a diary, well, a very public diary where I share my thoughts and feelings and work out what makes me tick on a daily basis.
I have another where I post work for a class (we were required to make it, but I enjoy posting on it none the less), another chronicles my obsession with 80's culture.

This one is for the purpose of musing on the current art scene, primarily in the city I live in, Philadelphia. There are so many resources for an artist in this city, and I'm so ignorant of so many of them. When you're in school, and you're busy and trying to keep up with projects and assignments, its easy to cut yourself off and become "too busy" to stay in touch with what others are doing out in the "real world".
I feel very out of touch and I want to change that. This blog is part of a series of steps in making that change. I'm going to go to more gallery openings, look up current artists in the city and surrounding areas, and meet more artists, while getting my own work out there and growing artistically.

To be part of the art world is an amazingly special thing and I want to become as much a part of it as I can. I want it to take me over and devour me.

Be on the look out for posts on artists in the area, and my own thoughts and feelings on current work. I'll also be posting some of my own work in the very near future :)

Also, if you know of any cool art sites, send them my way <3

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